Stues (en)


A succession of stües

Just like any other typical Ladin home, you will find a veritable warren of stües, rooms and halls ideal for conviviality. Some are as old as the house itself, others have been renovated, yet all are united by the charm which can be experienced in a home at the feet of the Dolomites. Why don’t you take a seat?



Salf di pasć

This is the hotel’s main hall. It goes all the way back to 1906 and was recently renovated. Guests meet here first thing in the morning, and enjoy a vast breakfast choice, return at midday for lunch – open for non-guests, too – and in the evening hotel guests enjoy dinner here. Margareth is in charge of this room, adding that special touch with freshly cut flowers and alternating traditional objects and decor to modern choices. We also organise receptions and ceremonies for groups of people just shy of one-hundred.




The old wooden chairs, hand-carved by the hand of a master woodcarver, are worth mentioning.








Gran Mësa

The ‘Gran mësa’ is the large wooden table placed in the centre of a room which was designed with a modern flair. The star of the room is a massive window looking out on to the Sas dla Crusc, the imposing Dolomite massif towering over Val Badia. This stüa can host up to twelve people. Sometimes it is booked by groups, other times by couples or friends that can sit at the mësa: it may not be King Arthur’s round table, but it certainly comes close, as this is where true friendships are forged.










Stüa nöia

The Stüa nöia is a new, modern wooden Stube, made with Swiss pine combined with refined chestnut. An ideal place to while away the evening hours in peace, revelling in our dishes in an informal yet elegant room.









Stüa „Herrenzimmer”

The Herrenzimmer is the oldest room of the hotel: it was built in 1895. Today, it features a renovated floor and whitewashed walls which strike the perfect balance with the modern lampshades, a beautiful complement to the olden layer in dark wood. The Herrenzimmer is for guests who are just dropping by for a spot of dinner.










Our Bar, which in Italy is used to speak about a café, is a small and homey place, ideal for an aperitif, a coffee, a tea, or a digestive. Every occasion is good to chit chat with someone, be it one of the locals or a hotel guest. After all, the Bar has always been a meeting spot par excellence, and hearing the voices of people overlapping in different languages, creating an oddly perfect harmony, is a thing of absolute beauty.






Stüa dla Posta

The Stüa dla posta is a typical Swiss pine Stube and the ideal place to spend some time to read or play cards. Its name refers to the fact that until 1986 this room was the village’s post office.






Cianó dal vin

Welcome to Paolo and Philipp’s kingdom. The Cianô dal vin, the wine cellar, is located between the home’s ancient load-bearing walls, which go back to 1895. Among the old beams you can find numerous bottled gems and during the promotional weeks we offer tailored tasting sessions.