Stues (en)


Salf di pasć

Our main dining room from 1906 has been recently renovated and serves as breakfast room, restaurant and dining room for our in-house guests. It’s also popular for celebrations for up to 90 invited guests.




The historic chairs with their intricately carved ornaments represent the beautiful details of this room.
 Classic and modern elements of the room are lovingly matched by Margareth and combined with fresh flowers.








Gran Mësa

The “Gran mësa”, the “big table” can accommodate a party of up to 12 guests, it is also often used as “friendship table”.











Stüa nöia

The “Stüa nöia” is a modern room with native pine wood and fine walnut. This room is ideal to spend cozy and quiet dinner-evenings.











Stüa „Herrenzimmer”

The Herrenzimmer from 1895 is the eldest room in our house. New materials on the floor, the colorful walls as well as modern lighting units combined with the dark paneling create a cozy place to eat. The Herrenzimmer is mainly used by our à la carte guests.










The sociable bar invites you to linger. An aperitif or an espresso, or even a grappa … there is always an excuse to stop by before or after dinner. The bar is a beloved spot also for locals.






Stüa dla Posta

The “Stüa dla posta” (post room) is a typical rural living room in stone pine. It is ideal to spend comfortable hours reading or playing cards.
The room owes its name to the public post office, which was located here until 1986.






Cianó dal vin

The “Cianó dal vin”, the wine cellar, is Paolo’s kingdom. Among the foundations of 1895 and old beams, many good bottles of wine sleep peacefully…
We are always delighted to poke among our wines. We offer wine tastings according to special weeks.