Tolpeit Family



Bëgngnüs to ciasa Tolpeit

Some of our guests have become close friends – this happens season after season, year after year.
What more could you ask of your work? Our work is based on good relationships and making guests feel good. We cannot wait to welcome you home, too.




Hospitality runs through my veins. After all, I am the fifth generation in my family to run the hotel. Simplicity is all I ask for, good manners never cost anything, and I like to ensure everything runs smoothly at the hotel. I am a sommelier, so you know good wine is always to be found in our cellar. Take a look.



I love cooking – and order, of course. Someone has to ensure everything works as it should, day in, day out. I plan the menus, stock the pantry, and know how to pamper guests after dinner with my sweets and first thing in the morning with baked goods and pastries. All homemade, of course. Have I whet your appetite?




As a guide, there is nothing better than revelling in the stunning locations in our area. Accompanying guests on a hike across the Dolomites is no hardship. Come to me for insider tips on cycling trails and Alpine skiing routes and, if the mood is just right, I will also organise wine tasting sessions in our cellar. Shall we go on a hike?



Have you ever stopped to listen to what our home says? Drown out the chatter of people, and tune in to what fresh flowers, small objects, textiles and tablecloths, blinds, glasses, cutlery and decor tells you. Everything I choose and place with care on the tables and in the rooms speaks just like us, just more simply and softly. Be our guest.



On our side since 1895



Antonia, Rita, Maria, Frida, Nanne, Franzl, Franz, Sepl, Nese, Olga, Raimund, Bruno, Angela, Lina, Iarone, Raffaele, Eduard, Hannele, Ossi, Clara, Sigfried, Erika, Fonjo, Anna, Franz, Pio, Claudio, Walter, Gerhard, Ossi, Carlo, Ivan, Irene, Justina, Nadja, Rita, Ulrike, Lorenz, Paul, Andreja, Elsa, Christian, Damian, Michela, Anna, Nena, Nenade, Mile, Gragica, Linda, Irma, Wilma, Manuela, Elisabeth, Erwin, Angelika, Angela, Adriana, Tereza, Duja, Edison, Lucia, Luciano, Albina, Rita, Rita, Maria, Christina, Olena, Hilda, Erika, Damiano, Moira, Daniele, Carmen, Mary, Alma, Cheri, Ylenia, Marco, Emma, Daniela, Agnes, Claudia, Mira, Francesco, Florian, Ivan, Ivo, Mario, Peter, Gilbert, Calogero, Roberto, Elena, Chantal, Muriel, Gratiella, Ioana, Gabriel, Ester, Gabriella, Matteo, Valeria, Oliva, Hans, Roman, Karin, Mimmo, Valentina, Daniel, Paula, Maria, Anna, Teresa, Milia, Maria, Clara, Maria, Stina, Ida, Olga, Clara, Hilda, Angelo, Angel Vijio, Emma, Hermann, Iaco, Sara, Giovanni, y tröc d’atri…



COVID-19 Information

Opening times:

Our bar is open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 2,30pm. On Sunday from 9am to 2,30pm.

The restaurant is open from Sunday to Friday at lunch (12am -2pm). Additionally, on Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm we are open for aperitif and dinner and on Sunday from 10am for the “Weißwürste”.

The hotel supposed to be opened again as soon as the mobility of the guests is guaranteed.

Informazioni COVID-19

Orari di apertura attuali:

Il Bar è aperto dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 7:00 alle 14:30 e la domenica dalle 9:00 alle 14:30.

Il ristorante è aperto dalla domenica al venerdì a mezzogiorno. Inoltre il venerdì sera proponiamo aperitivo e cena dalle 17:00 alle 21:00. La domenica proponiamo le salsicce bianche dalle 10:00 in poi.

L’apertura del hotel dipende possibilità degli spostamenti.

COVID-19 Informationen

Aktuelle Öffnungszeiten:

Die Bar ist von Montag bis Freitag von 7:00 bis 14:30 und Sonntags von 9:00 bis 14:30 geöffnet

Das Restaurant ist von Sonntag bis Freitag mittags geöffnet. Darüber hinaus auch am Freitag abend Aperitif und Abendessen von 17:00 bis 21:00. Sonntags gibt es ab 10:00 Weißwürste.

Die Öffnung des Hotels hängt von den Einreisebestimmungen ab.