Treat yourself

Ah, summer, those never-ending days of sunshine. How delightful. Sipping a cappuccino from the sun-kissed terrace – we guarantee you will not even notice you are close to the road – a leisurely stroll in the forests and meadows, a glass of cold white wine under the shade of the chestnuts, a couple of hours’ relaxation sat on the balcony with that book you never had the time to read, or in the SPA, sipping an aperitif in the garden: we know how to pamper our guests from the first hours of the morning to the last dredges of sunlight.



Sunshine is a blessing during summer, and the terrace opposite the dining hall is the ideal place for lunch. You can revel in dishes made with fresh vegetables sourced from our own vegetable garden under the shade of the chestnuts. How does that sound?



The large garden behind the hotel tempts you to sunbathe, revel in the lush green, and while away the hours, not a care in the world.




As long as the weather allows it, the weekly aperitifs are served in the garden during summer: revel in the beauty of the Enrosadira, what we call that pink hue that splashes across the Sas dla Crusc at sunset. What a beautiful world, would you not agree?



Hiking with Paolo

Time is different in the Dolomites: slower, fuller, more ethereal. An infinite beauty which inspires you to keep still, strive for silence, and pushes you to take a deep breath and experience a sense of freedom and peace, a jolt to the system. Paolo is more than happy to recommend often unknown outings, itineraries and trails to guests. Time to look for those hiking boots, what do you say?



P.S.: This map (and many more) was projected by our friends from Marmota Maps in Hamburg.


Every week, Paolo organises guided excursions which spark unforgettable emotions in our guests, surrounded by the stunning Dolomite nature. We have experienced it on our own skin: participate and you will always cherish these splendid days.
Some of our guests dedicate the end of summer to a special activity: gathering mushrooms. Even in this case we can give them some useful advice. Follow this link to receive the online gathering authorization.



Exploring the Dolomites on your bike

The Dolomites offer everything a cyclist could wish for. MTB fans can speak with us to receive information on numerous trails of varying difficulty which cut across breathtaking locations and sceneries.

As a member of ‘Roadbike Holidays‘ we are experts for your road bike holidays!


Paolo and Philipp are both passionate cyclists and cannot wait to help you plan trails for different levels. Join us on your bike!




Our equipment / services

We have a spacious storage room with video-monitored access where you can keep your bikes safe.

We provide a bike washing station and a shoe dryer. We also offer a workbench with tools, assembly stand, air pump, lubricant, repair kit and air chamber (to purchase the latter). For larger repairs, you can contact our trusted mechanic. You can also make use of our laundry service (for a small fee).





Philipp’s favourite tours:





Pederü – Fanes – Cortina – Sennes – Pederü

Distanza: 31,66km / Altitude: 1.480m
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Picolin – Brach – St. Vigil – Pederü – Picolin

Distanza: 47,43km / Altitude: 769m
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Picolin – Maria Saalen – Ellen – Onies – Rina – Antermoia – Picolin

Distanza: 53,95km / Altitude: 1.733m
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Picolin – Saares – Kiens – Issing – Aufhofen – Olang – Passo Furcia – Picolin

Distanza: 72,71km / Altitude: 1.728m
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Picolin – P.sso Erbe – St. Andrä – Brixen – Pustertaler Radweg – Maria Saalen – Picolin

Distanza: 93,12km / Altitude: 2.315m
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“solo” Furcia in senso orario

Distanza: 65,54km / Altitude: 1.493m
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Sellaronda Antiorario

Distanza: 83,31km / Altitude: 2.142m
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Picolin – Valparola – Ciaulunch – Picolin

Distanza: 77,95km / Altitude: 1.718m
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Picolin – Ciaolunch – Falzares – Picolin

Distanza: 78,40km / Altitude:1.724m
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Picolin – Campolongo – Giau – Falzarego – Picolin

Distanza: 110,01km / Altitude: 2.826m
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Distanza: 119,56km / Altitude: 2.562m
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Picolin – Mirí – Tintal – Ehrenburg – Sares – Al Plan – Picolin

Distanza: 64,59km / Altitude: 1.948m
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Philipp alla Maratona 2021


A biker’s dream…

Race cyclists count down the days until the start of summer to prove their mettle on routes and roads that have made cycling history: the numerous Dolomite passes and the legendary Maratona dles Dolomites trails are a biker’s dream come true, especially when the roads are traffic-free.




Sport & Indulgence

After the effort the reward – not calories but enjoyment is our slogan.

We prepare all kinds of delicious and healthy dishes, all homemade, with attention to regionality and seasonality and lots of vegetables and salads from our own garden.





As a member of ‘Roadbike Holidays’ we are experts for your road bike holidays!




An angler’s paradise

We have a private fishing preserve (8 km) along the Gadera river which runs right below the hotel. Mystery solved: that’s why you can see a fish-like pattern all over the house. A kingdom populated by trout, Arctic char, and grayling. A bit of peace and quiet surrounded by nature: swimming along the river that flows from Alta Badia towards Pusteria is a unique experience.









Nature and an abundance of culture

Val Badia and Val Pusteria offer numerous occasions to dive headfirst into nature and culture. We will point out some of the most important itineraries, appointments and events in the area.





Whoever is interested in Ladin history and culture should not miss out on the Museum Ladin and the Ladin Cultural Institute Micurà de Rü , just a stone’s throw away in San Martino, approximately 1 km from the hotel.



On top of Plan de Corones, at 2,275 m altitude, one of the numerous Messner Mountain Museum overlooks the valley, boasting an amazing view and featuring a suggestive contemporary architecture designed by Zaha Hadid.





When exploring the valleys, you may stumble upon the picturesque and historic mountain huts and old settlements – called viles – as well as numerous contemporary works of art made by international artists participating in SMACH, an outdoor art project which also includes Val dl’Ert, a valley dedicated to art peppering the landscape in Val Badia.



Last but not least comes Brunico: 18 km away, a picturesque city from the 14th century which attracts numerous tourists with its shops, cafes, charming old city centre, and the imposing Brunico Castel; the latter overlooks the valley and has been hosting the Ripa, the most beautiful of the Messner Mountain Museums, for some years.