Our house


Hospitality’s sweet fragrance

The air in the Dolomites is different. It carries a sweet fragrance, reminiscent of hospitality, care, respect. For over a century, the bracing, pure mountain air has been a constant presence in our home, e real balm for the body and soul. Welcome to Piccolino, a stone’s throw from San Martino in Badia. History had a say in the location of our home as, after all, in the past posting houses were built along the main road. You will find us nestled in a valley revealing ancient treasures around every craggy, rocky corner and spire, risen from the ocean of old: atolls of infinite beauty. We, dear guests, are the Tolpeit Family. We are Ladin and will always welcome you to our home in our language: Begn Odüs!




The Ostaria and the Post

In the past, the hotel also acted as the Post Office: locals would peek out among the letters, postmarks, and stamps to catch a glimpse of guests and travellers, exchange news and gossip at the counter. Today’s bar continues the tradition of old, becoming a meeting point for everyone. A cradle of hospitality which grew over time, deeply rooted culture which pushed us to renovate this home without forgetting the values which have always characterised us. Good food and good wine took care of the rest.





A breath of fresh air: the Ara Nöia

Ara Nöia means ‘new part’. We decided to extend our hotel some years ago, giving our guests larger rooms, suites, and a SPA featuring a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, an infrared booth and a chill-out room to forget the everyday grind.



Our garden

Locally sourced products are on everyone’s lips. We went the extra mile: our vegetable garden blooms with herbs, salads and flowers in summer. Twenty metres are all it takes to serve them to guests sat at our table during their meals.



A century-old history

Once upon a time, there was a perfect beginning. Old man Pire, Pietro, decided to build a structure in 1895 next to the Post Office to serve meals to a few guests, the coachmen, and the villagers. The home went on to live happily ever after, even after two world wars, bolstered by the economic boom, and life with all its ups and downs. The hotel’s history is our family history, hospitality the heirloom we hand down from one generation to the next.




Treasures from the last 125 years


Ostaria Posta: beautiful for its simplicity

Wine and cycling are Philipp’s passions. And the brook streaming past the hotel is teeming with fish. Manuela, Philipp’s wife, bakes, nay, creates delectable sweets. His mother, Margareth, runs a tight ship and his father, Paolo, accompanies guests on his mountain hikes. You will not find a guide like him: listen carefully, for he is a born storyteller. And has plenty to tell.